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Good Karma was the only brand we found sold in our local Atlanta grocery store.


Walk into any grocery store right now and you’ll find no shortage of plant-based milks on the shelves. Gone are the days of dusty Tetra Paks for three brands of alternative milk beverages and you can set aside the labor of love of making them yourself. 

One of our new favorites plant based milks is flax. Flaxseeds are naturally jam packed with nutrients and health benefits and have been rock stars on the health scene in recent years.

Flax milk is made from cold pressed flax oil, which is mixed with water, starches, flavorings and then fortified with vitamin D, vitamin A, B1 and calcium.

Highlights: flax milk is a good source of omega fatty acids, low/no fat and cholesterol-free, and lactose free. Downside, no protein.

So, with all of that info, the question on your mind is; is it worth a try? And the answer is a resounding, totally! From the Omega benefits to the low cholesterol the great taste and smooth consistency this is a great milk alternative to start off your day with in any form.

Here are the results:

Appearance: It has a thin consistency, not quite as watery as rice milk but almost as thick as almond milk. It’s a beige color looking a bit like blanched almonds.

Taste: The flax has a mild and nutty flavor that hits the back of your mouth that’s honestly only noticeable if you’re looking for it.

Texture: The thin consistency makes the flax milk have a barely detectable texture, it’s fairly smooth.

Recipes: would be great in our chia breakfast bowl recipe.

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