This wonderful dairy alternative has been making people happy since the 90’s when it was first created and introduced commercially. It’s a really high source of protein, that’s a naturally thick and creamy plant based alternative to dairy. And we here at the vgn way have discussed it and come to an agreement that of all of them; oat milk tastes the most like dairy milk. So, if you’ve been on the fence about making the switch because of taste, look no further than this oaty wonder. It has a light and sweet taste that’s not overpowering but is still distinct among other milk alternatives. I’ve actually gotten into the rhythm of putting it in my spiced teas instead of almond milk because it has a less natural sweetness and still compliments the tea very well. If  fat content is a concern for you then be sure to know that of all the milk alternatives we’ll cover in this series, from soy to hemp; oat milk seems to have the highest fat content at an average of 5 grams. While most of the others are 3 grams or less.

Here are the results:

Appearance: thick and creamy with a healthy beige coloring, it can easily become very fluffy when whipped, thanks in part to its high fat content.

Taste: It has the distinct flavor of oat that we know from oatmeal, but with a more smokey hint to it when it reaches the back of your tongue. It’s lightly sweet allowing it to complement and enhance many other flavors it’s mixed with.

Texture: It’s a lot like dairy milk in mouth feel with a smoothness that coats the entire mouth but doesn’t leave a chalky residue behind while drinking. If not whipped, it does have a tendency to become very particulate; separating from any non oat milk liquid that it’s added to. A quick stir will successfully merge the two back together again. 

Recipes: In my honest opinion oat milk is an excellently versatile plant milk for baking and cooking, savory and sweet dishes. So far we’ve only used it in a few recipes, like our Homemade creamy sun dried tomato sauce that goes perfectly paired with our Stuffed Portebella Pizza bites. 

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Feel free to experiment with oat milk in your own test kitchen recipes and be sure to let us know. Leave a comment, or take a picture and tag and us on Instagram #thevgnway.

Live Love and Eat Good Food!

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