Our Vegan and Gluten-Free Story

Authors of The Vgn Way a plant-based, vegan and gluten-free website

Thank you, for visiting The Vgn Way (the vegan way)! No matter how you spell it. We’ve made it our mission to make this site a great place to share delicious, simple, plant-based, vegan & gluten-free meal with you.

We’re Nija and Shad, Atlanta natives; the former with wheat gluten intolerance the latter a vegan since 2000. We love to cook and bake. This has sent us on our journey together, exploring the world of low cost and easy meal prep that’s both good to our tummies and good to our hearts.

Together in the kitchen, we’ve been working hard making recipes and testing them. Because we believe in our hearts that cooking, baking and living gluten-free and vegan can be an easy and rewarding addition to everyone’s lifestyle. Money shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be a barrier to being healthy. We promise to share everything we’ve learned and are learning about making and baking plant-based, vegan and gluten-free foods for a heart healthy diet.

From full-time vegans to flexitarians you’ll find easy, healthy and delicious plant-based recipes here. Being Vegan is a journey and something everyone has to choose for themselves. However, a plant-based diet or a meat-free Monday recipe can add value to everyone’s life. Some come for health, others for the environment and others for the animals. Forget all the labels, one of these reasons or all of these reasons are a great reason to try a recipe or two. Also, let’s not forget if we take the time to plan out a meal, shop for ingredients and prepare them for our loved ones then why not have a delicious meal too.

We hope you’ll leave with recipes that you find tasty and easy to make like our Portabello Fajitas or our Pineapple Jackfruit Nachos. And that you’ll want to share with others. We look forward to many great food conversations with you.

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Live Love and Eat Good Food!

The Vgn Way