Cookbooks by Black  Chefs

By The Best Black Chefs,  Authors & Historians

Black Food

From Ackee & Callaloo Patties to Collards & Sweet Potato Coconut Biscuits, this book By Bryant Terry features Stories, Art, Leisure, Lifestyle & Recipes from across the African Diaspora.


This book, by historian and writer Toni Tipton-Martin, covers 200 years of African American food ways and Black cooking and honors the traditions of joyous cooking and art of storytelling.

Fix Me A Plate

A book by Scotty Scott, that is an extension of the creative expression that he found in the kitchen, cooking for family and friends that fosters good conversation that he hopes will be a spark for someone else.

Son Of A  Southern Chef

Cook With Soul by Lazurus Lynch, the only Black, Queer chef ever to cook at the prestigious Met Gala ball and author of this celebrated cook book, collecting family and traditional recipes from across his life experiences.

Carla Hall's  Soul Food

TV personality and chef Carla Hall's Soul food cookbook delivers her "cooking with love" philosophy, from Caramel cake to Black-Eyed Pea salad with Hot sauce vinaigrette, Carla’s recipes deliver.

Sweet Potato Soul

By Jenne Claiborne a chef and blogger who grew up in Atlanta eating classic soul food that realized she wouldn’t have to give up all of the delicious flavors and textures once she became vegan.

Everyday Grand

A book by Jocelyn Delk Adams A delightful cookbook that celebrates family and soulful recipes with a philosophy of celebration that is woven throughout the entire book.

In Pursuit of Flavor

Edna Lewis known as “the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking shares southern focused recipes featuring fresh and in season ingredients and has introduced celebrities to regional dishes and southern cooking.

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