Kale Wrap

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Kale is a superfood loaded with antioxidants. Including beta-carotene and vitamin C, as well as various flavonoids and polyphenols..


Kale has protein not as much has other protein rich vegetables but 1 cup of kale has 2.0g of protein compared to 8.6g in a cup of green peas.


Kale  Red Onion  Avocados  EVOO Dried Sun Tomatoes- Cayenne Pepper Garlic Lemon  Nutritional Yeast Braggs Liquid Aminos

Step One

Prep kale by chopping and remove large tough stems. Washing and drying (can use a salad spinner) set aside to let any excess water drain.

Step Two

Add to blender - olive oil, braggs liquid aminos, lemon juice, garlic clove, sun dried tomatoes and nutritional yeast. Blend sauce until smooth.

Step Three

In a large bowl combined dried kale, half of ripe avocado, chopped onions, and remaining reserved chopped sun dried tomatoes. Add sauce and massage with hands to soften kale leaves. About 5 minutes. Make wrap and enjoy.

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