Vegan Shrimp

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Vegan Shrimp

Satisfy your vegan seafood cravings with these delicious, crispy and golden brown vegan shrimp. Fried crispy vegan shrimp is a classic southern comfort food staple.  Make this recipe in under 30 minutes. A great appetizer or dinner option that everyone; vegan and non-vegans alike will love.

What Is Vegan Shrimp Made From?

The simple answer is; it depends on the brand you purchase. Konjac is a very popular ingredient for vegan shrimp to be made from. They normally also contain: vegetable gum, starch, paprika, sea salt and seasoning like seaweed and kelp.


Vegan Shrimp  Oil - for frying Dry Mix Vegan fish fry breading mix - we use the brand Louisiana Fish Fry Kelp granules Old Bay seasoning Paprika Onion powder Garlic powder Wet  JUST Egg

Step One

Prepare breading mixtures. Add cornmeal mixture, kelp, old bay, paprika, onion powder and garlic powder to either a large ziplock bag (preferred) or shallow bowl. Mix well. Set aside. .

Step Two

In another shallow dish pour JUST Egg mixture. Assemble wet, dry mixtures and shrimp in an assembly line fashion.

Step Three

Place wet vegan shrimp into ziplock bag and shake until well coated or dredge through cornmeal mixture in bowl, until all sides are coated. Shake off excess flour and place on a clean baking sheet. Set aside.

Step Four

Add shrimp to frying pan in a single layer; making sure to not overcrowd the pan.

Step Five

Let them cook for 1 and a half minutes then flip for an additional minute, until crispy and golden brown. You can use a spider strainer to easily remove. Enjoy

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