Vegan Zodiac Meme from
The Vegan Zodiac

We wanted to do this whimsical vegan zodiac meme for anyone thinking about making a change to a plant-based diet.

Which one are you? Get your Vegan Zodiac screensaver!  Just follow us on Instagram and tag a friend who wants or is V/GF.

We wanted to show this is a lifestyle with a lot of good food and flexible.

Lots of questions can come up, when thinking about cutting out animal protein.

Can I be plant based and eat meat?

Yes and No. Vegan is a lifestyle/diet 100% void of animal protein. You can be a flexitarian, vegetarian or pescatarian. With these options you can keep dairy, eggs, honey and fish in your diet. And with a flexitarian diet you can determine what plant-base lifestyle suits your needs. A Flexitarian diet would aim for 50% totally plant-based meals

Why eliminate animal protein?

Some people for the environment and others for health. We will share our reasons and expert explanation of the health benefits and the science behind the environmental reasoning.

How do I get protein on a plant-based diet?

So many ways… the best source of vegan protein are beans, tofu, lentils, quinoa, peanut butter and more. There will be lots of recipes and post about protein.

How do I get iron and B vitamins on a plant based diet?

Nutritional Yeast, vegetables and supplements

What questions do you have? Leave us your questions/comments below or on Instagram at #thevgnway.

Live Love and Eat Good Food!

The Vgn Way


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